7 tips for cup making

1. For the strip near the bottom of the cup, the text design should be raised by 5mm. Because after the cup piece is put on the machine, the 5mm place at the bottom of the cup should be pressed to ensure the firmness of the bottom of the cup. But after the high temperature and pressure of the machine, it is easy to make the graphics and characters near the bottom of the cup flowered, affecting the beauty. Therefore, when designing and making graphics, the characters close to the bottom of the cup and the bar pattern should be raised by about 5mm according to the height of the cup bottom. It can be avoided unless a special ultrasonic cup forming machine is used. At present, Chengdu Jiuyang paper cup has this kind of equipment.

2. Try not to design and use full plate color cups. The full plate color paper cup ink stack is too heavy, and the paper cup is produced directly for sealed packaging. The organic compounds emitted from solvent ink in the drying process, isopropanol in alcohol wetting liquid, volatile gas of glazing paint, etc. are harmful to human health. In the sealed space, the background color of the full-length paper cup covers the whole cup body. When we drink water from the paper cup near the cup mouth, our lips will touch a certain position of the cup mouth, so it is easy to bring the above-mentioned chemicals into the body with the liquid, which will affect our health. Therefore, we generally suggest that customers should not design full plate color when designing and making paper cups, and the smaller the color block, the better. Similarly, it is not suitable to design graphics near the cup mouth, especially block color ink. Otherwise it will have the same bad effect.

3. Don't use cheap, inferior paper cups. At present, there are many manufacturers producing paper cups, but few of them can really care for customers. We can see that the quality of paper cups with the price of about 4-5 points on the market is very poor, and the profits of manufacturers are indeed very limited, even as low as 0.50-1.00 yuan for a box of goods (2000 pieces). It is doubtful whether hygiene and quality can be ensured in each process of production. Moreover, the paper used in the paper cup is easy to deform due to its thin thickness, and hot water will be hot to the hands. There are great security risks. In particular, enterprises should not use inferior paper cups, which will affect the image of the company.

4. The manufacturer is obliged to provide quality report and certification. The regular manufacturers of jiati have the obligation to provide the customers with the inspection report of the product health qualification provided by the national health department in the quarter, so as to ensure the hygiene of the paper cup.

5. Distinguish between cold cups and hot cups. They "perform their own duties", once "dislocation", will threaten the health of consumers. The surface of cold drink paper cup should be treated by wax spraying or dipping. When the temperature is between 0-5 degrees, this kind of wax is very safe. But if it is used to hold hot drinks, as long as the water temperature exceeds 62 degrees, the wax will melt and the paper cup will absorb water and deform. The content of impurities in the melted paraffin is high, especially the organic compound of polycyclic phenanthrolin contained in it, which is a kind of carcinogenic substance. If it enters the human body with the drink, it will harm human health. On the other hand, a special film approved by the state will be adhered to the surface of the hot drink cup, which is not only heat-resistant but also non-toxic. The paper cup should be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry and pollution-free space, and the storage period should not exceed two years from the date of production.

6. Choose the brand of paper cup factory products. There are many paper cup manufacturers on the market. They do not have their own production base, but look for other paper cup manufacturers to sell paper cups. In this way, customers may also buy high-quality paper cups from them. However, if there is a problem, the middleman can not provide solutions because it is impossible for the middleman to control the whole production process. This is easy to bring a lot of trouble to myself, especially to the company's customers. The best way to distinguish whether it is a direct manufacturer is to ask for its own business license and production hygiene license.

7. The paper cup is leaking. The production of paper cup is assembly line production, and the demand quantity of each customer is mostly tens of thousands or more. From an objective point of view, in tens of thousands of paper cups, there is a very unique phenomenon of water leakage is inevitable. However, if the number of leaking cups is too much, which exceeds the tolerable amount, then the consumer can ask the manufacturer to return the paper cup as much as possible, and the manufacturer should return and replace it unconditionally for the customer.

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